The PROriginal Seal


Textar brake friction products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards using advanced technology and materials. Our customers trust in this premium quality worldwide.

Inferior counterfeiting represents a major safety risk. Unfortunately, at first glance, counterfeit products are barely distinguishable from the originals. The danger often only becomes apparent when they are used in the vehicle. This can have fatal consequences.

Textar is gradually fitting all product packaging with PROriginal safety seals to better protect its customers from counterfeit goods.

The PROriginal seal secures the packaging and must be removed before it can be opened. On the back of the seal, there is a QR code and a twelve digit, alphanumeric code, which enables the customer to identify the original from a counterfeit.

The customer has two ways of verifying the authenticity of the product: 

  1. By scanning the QR code with the Textar Brakebook app (free for iOS and Android) or another QR code scanner. 
  2. By entering the alphanumeric code by clicking on the following button.

Once the code has been entered or scanned, the customer receives one of the following responses: 

  • You have got an original Textar product. 
  • This code has already been scanned. Please contact us if the box was unopened. 
  • Warning! This is not a valid code. Please contact us. 

    This allows the customer to find out immediately whether the product they have is an original or a counterfeit.

    If the customer has an invalid code or one that has already been scanned, then it is highly likely that the product is a counterfeit and TMD Friction should be informed immediately using the online contact form or the service hotline. 


    • Buy only from trusted partners.
    • Always buy branded quality products – in the interest of both your customers and your workshop.
    • Explain the risks associated with self-bought brake friction products to your customers. To be on the safe side, refuse their installation.
    • If you have any doubt that a product is genuine, call our service hotline. We will always be pleased to help you.


    • Buy brake pads and linings only from a trusted garage.
    • Let your garage advise you. Here you have professionals who can recommend the best product, for your own safety.
    • Always buy branded quality products. That’s the only way of ensuring that you can fully trust your brake in extreme situations.
    • Don’t be fooled by internet bargains.
    • If you have any questions or doubts, all renowned manufacturers will be pleased to help you.