Brake Shoes


Textar brake shoes are ECE-R90 certified in accordance with European law. Market leading range, consisting of more than 400 brake shoes.

The Facts:

  • Premium performance from the first stop due to radius-ground brake shoes
  • High shear strength due to full-surface adhesive bonding of the friction material
  • Environmentally friendly production process – Chrome 6-free
  • Including OE matching levers and pins (where applicable)
  • Coated handbrake shoes for rust/corrosion protection and extended product life/durability
  • Catalogue incl. link to matching expanding lock for each handbrake shoe (if applicable) and real product pictures to provide accurate information about shoe and accessories
    more than0drum brake shoes
    more than1handbrake shoes

    Brake shoe kits

    A perfect job made easy

    It doesn’t get much faster than this! With the Textar brake shoe kit, workshops can save up to 30 minutes installation time per vehicle.

    Our pre-assembled parts make the installation completely safe and convenient. The set includes everything required for making a perfect job, including wheel cylinders, pre-adjusted sets of brake shoes and screws. Everything can be ordered under one single part number.

    First-class service can be so easy.




    • Adjusts to the wear of the shoes to ensure the right friction and hold power
    • Locks the shoes in “hold” position to secure the vehicle from unintended rolling

    Why changing and not cleaning:

    • Material wear of the lock could lead to reduced functionality; rolling of the car
    • Due to wear of the part adjuster nut might not adjust correctly
      Cleaning of the parts for re-use might lead to corrosion; handbrake can get stuck

    Car manufacturers like BMW recommend replacing the expanding locks every 48 months (if not worn earlier) and with every change of handbrake shoes.

    In Brakebook you will find the corresponding expanding lock with each shoe kit.

    An overview of the corresponding expanding locks will be included in each handbrake shoe kit packaging.