Premium Service Products

for brake maintenance

Textar provides a range of high-quality service products for professional brake maintenance. Uncompromising quality for a perfect service.

    Lubricant for maintenance work and protection
    Metal-free permanent lubricant
    Textar brake cleaner cleans all

Hydra Tec

Lubricant for maintenance work
and protection

Cera Tec

permanent lubricant

Formula XT

Textar brake cleaner
cleans all



The metal-free permanent lubricant by Textar for brake systems is highly temperature-resistant (up to 1,000°C).

The advantages of Cera Tec:

  • Non-conductive
  • Contains no solids
  • Suitable for ABS
  • Facilitates brake installation
  • Reduces brake squealing
  • Protects against scoring and corrosion
  • Free of copper and acids 
  • Pressure-resistant / high viscosity

    Cera Tec is suitable for lubricating:

    • Disc- and drum-brake systems
    • Compressors
    • Centralised lubrication systems
    • Axle bearings
    • Chains
    • Seat rails
    • Sunroof tracks
    • Battery terminals

    Cera Tec is available in:

    75 ml tubes:
    Article number: 81000400
    Sales unit: 36 tubes
    1 pallet = 87 display boxes with 36 tubes per box
    Total = 3.132 tubes per pallet

    5 ml sachets:
    Article number: 81000500
    Sales unit: 1.500 pieces


    Apply a thin layer of Cera Tec on the marked sections.

    Hydra TEC


    For moving parts in brake and clutch systems.

    The advantages of Hydra Tec:

    • Facilitates the installation of hydraulic brake components

    • Tested compatibility with commercially available braking fluids (DOT3, DOT4, DOT4LV, DOT5.1)

    • Free of mineral oils and compatible with EPDM rubber

    • In addition, running surfaces are protected against corrosion

      Hydra Tec is suitable for lubricating:

      • Cylinder running surfaces

      • Pistons

      • Sealing elements

      Hydra Tec is available in:

      180 ml tubes
      Article number: 81001400
      Sales unit: 10 tubes
      1 pallet = 80 display boxes with 10 tubes per box
      Total = 800 tubes per pallet

      5 ml sachets
      Article number: 81001500
      Sales unit: 1.500 pieces


      Apply a thin layer of Hydra Tec on the marked sections.

      Note: Hydra Tec should be applied thinly and evenly. Never use mineral oils or greases as substitutes. Do not apply the product on friction surfaces of brake pads or brake discs.

      Formula XT

      Brake Cleaner

      The brake cleaner by Textar is a reliable way of removing oil, grease and dirt without leaving any residues.

      Textar brake cleaner cleans all:

      • Brake, clutch and gear components

      • Starter motors and alternators

      • Carburettor, fuel pumps and engine components

      • Glass and metal surfaces before gluing

        The advantages of Textar brake cleaner:

        • Does not attack polystyrene

        • Free of chlorinated solvents

        • Registered with the German Federal Ministry for the Environment

        Formula XT is available in:

        500 ml spray cans.
        Article number: 96000100
        Minimum order quantity: 72 cans
        Sales unit: 12 cans


        Spray a generous amount on the parts to be cleaned. Let the solvent drip off or evaporate. Repeat the process for heavy soiling.