Great things come from the pursuit of excellence.

It’s how we understand to lead the way in performance and reliability, whatever the driving conditions. It’s what drives us to innovate and take action to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It pushes our research and testing to new heights, to deliver the very best driving experience.

For Textar, excellence will always be our benchmark – and we do everything possible in the pursuit of it.

What will you pursue?

Every year, Textar invests more in braking expertise, innovation, testing, and quality. Aiming higher and acting responsibly globally to create environmentally friendly braking solutions and a more sustainable industry.


The pursuit of absolute quality for any braking challenge.

Explore precision


The pursuit of a better experience through rigorous testing.

Explore Control


The pursuit of slashing carbon and hazardous materials.



The pursuit of the quietest braking possible.

Explore Silence

Interview with a Friction Expert: Clément de Valon

“Brake pads are important for the safety of all road users and will still be a factor for car drivers in 2030 and 2040.”

Interview with a Friction Expert: Marco Loth

“In the future workshops will no longer replace a brake pad because it is worn down to a millimetre, but because of corrosion.”