Brake Pads

Textar brake pads are precision engineered to offer maximum safety, performance and comfort. We develop, manufacture and test our products in-house. This is how we ensure that every product meets the highest quality standards. 

Perfectly tailored to the vehicle, its brake system and purpose, each friction formulation in a Textar brake pad can contain up to 43 different ingredients.

In modern vehicles, especially electric vehicles, quiet braking is an important comfort feature. Textar has a dedicated ‘Noise Vibration Harshness’ team, working with specially developed analytical and simulation tools in relentless pursuit of the ultimate braking comfort.

A matching range of wear indicators complements the Textar range and, like all other Textar products, meets the demand for premium quality.

Also included in the box: all accessories required for installation.

Aesthetic appeal

Featuring a unique,
embossed textile finish

Textar Q+ branding

Provides instant recognition and
reassurance of genuine quality

Optimal dampening properties

due to surface texture

Special adhesive

offers additional
dampening properties

Affixed shim

no fitting required


Textar uses a wide viarity of chamfer types to provide the best solution for each individual appliation. We usually apply chamfers such as parallel and segment (radial) chamfers as well as J-type chamfers.

Each chamfer type and shape got its own advantages and we use those advantages application specifc.


Slots are applied in order to reduce thermal tension inside of the friction material during the braking process. Thermal tension can cause cracks in the material which then lead to noisy behaviour. Furthermore slots can reduce the risk of judder in certain applications.

We design our brake pads to provide the maximum comfort which also includes the vehicle specfic usage of slots.


Textar brake pad sets come along with the necessary accessories to fulfill the brake service. This includes wear indicators, abutment clips, bolts and a lot more always depending on the according vehicle.

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Testing & more testing

All Products are developed and tested via our in-house R&D team:



The Textar Q+ dampening shim is an essential factor in delivering optimum braking comfort. It prevents direct contact between brake piston and the backing plate during braking – acting to reduce the vibrations and high frequency noise that can result when braking.

As a result of an extensive development and testing programme, the Textar Q+ shim has a unique textile composition and is designed to offer outstanding dampening and decoupling properties, providing significantly enhanced braking comfort. Featuring high quality embossed branding, the shims are instantly recognisable, with a reassuringly premium look and feel.

Advantages of Q+:
  • Minimised noise and vibration
  • High-end braking comfort
  • Developed and tested for OE
  • Increased visual appeal

Textar Q+ shims have been developed to deliver optimum braking performance in conjunction with premium high quality brake discs and brake pads.


TEXTAR Brake pads and brake discs

Together with Textar premium brake pads equipped with Q+ dampening shims, Textar brake discs offer optimum braking performance and comfort. A decisive advantage for the modern driving experience, especially electric vehicles.

Key benefits:

  • Optimum braking performance
  • Minimal braking noise