F1RST TO MARKET – Brake pads for the new BMW 7 Series

At TMD Friction we are proud of our ability to be first to market with our aftermarket replacement products, proving our credentials as industry leaders for friction products. (Comparison based on Tecdoc analysis from 01/2017 and main competitors.)

Part-No.: 2590001

BMW7 (G11, G12)725 d, Ld09/15 -front
BMW7 (G11, G12)730 d09/15 -front
BMW7 (G11, G12)730 d xDrive09/15 -front
BMW7 (G11, G12)730 d, Ld xDrive09/15 -front
BMW7 (G11, G12)730 i, Li02/16 -front