World Record Achieved

It’s one for the books! Congratulations to Rainer Zietlow and his team on successfully setting another world record.

The record-seeking long-distance driver only needed 10 days and 19 hours to drive the 22,500 km route on the Panamericana, the longest road network in the world. In doing so, Rainer Zietlow has broken his own world record from 2011. As expected, the Textar brake pads also withstood the heavy stresses of the journey and brought the entire team safely to the finish. For years now, as part of his numerous world record attempts and long-distance journeys, Rainer Zietlow has been supporting the children’s charity SOS Children’s Villages. For every kilometre driven, the world record holder will once again donate 15 cents to the SOS Children’s Village in Goioerê, Brazil.