Victory for coated brake discs by Textar

Benchmark test at TMD Friction. The brakes specialist compared coated brake discs by Textar with three competing products. The thickness and evenness of the surface coating was examined along with corrosion resistance. The result declared that Textar performs very well in all three categories. The coated brake discs have the thinnest and most even surface coating; and even though they are more lightweight than the competition, the Textar brake discs achieved equally good results in the corrosion resistance test. Further results of the test proved that the coated brake discs display infeed properties that are just as good as the uncoated versions.

“Surface-coated brake discs offer a major advantage in that they can be installed directly. Unlike with discs that are uncoated, it is not necessary to remove the oil that protects the disc against corrosion during storage prior to installation. This means that they reduce your workload and are more environmentally friendly – i.e. no extra cleaning materials and no extra oil to further burden the environment.” explains Vincenzo Di Caro, a development engineer at TMD Friction. He also advises automotive professionals to always clean the wheel hub and remove any corrosion before installing the discs – because only then can the brake disc reach its optimum functionality.