Photo update for commercial vehicle products in Textar Brakebook

As of now, TMD Friction will be providing customers with new photos of the Textar commer-cial vehicle products in its online catalogue “Brakebook”.

The classification of vehicle and brake parts for commercial vehicles is not as clear as it is for passenger cars, as there are dif-ferent brake specifications for each vehicle type, depending on the application. The new product photos, which can also be viewed via TecDoc, help to avoid incorrect orders and un-necessary costs.

“So far we have taken completely new pictures of around 65 percent of our commercial vehi-cle products, because our customers want to know what they’re getting – before they open the packaging. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, which is why we constantly strive to improve our service,” explains Thomas Ahlfeld, Product Manager CV at TMD Friction.

Brakebook is the online catalogue system developed exclusively for the various branded products offered by TMD Friction. The service is available to customers at or via the free app for Android and iOS. As well as accurate product information, the installation instructions are extremely helpful for the workshop. This is why Textar has been offering numerous useful videos on its “Professional Website” for some time now. These have now been supplemented with a video ex-plaining the specifics of maintenance and repair for brakes on commercial vehicles.