Less brake noise with Q+

As modern vehicles become ever quieter, brake noises become more noticeable and more annoying. Now, brake specialist TMD Friction provides even more effective noise reduction with its innovative and enhanced Textar Q+ damping shims. The innovative textile-like structure of the sheets effectively dampens and decouples the brake lining from the other brake components. The specially developed adhesive, which also acts against high-frequency vibrations, also has a major effect on the damping function.

Textar describes these optimised components as “Q+”, derived from the word “quiet”. The “+” symbolizes the enhanced damping properties. Since they were launched last year, a large proportion of Textar brake pads have been equipped with the new damping shims and are now available at retailers. They are optimally adjusted to Textar brake discs and thus achieve the best results. The Q+ damping shims are clearly recognisable by their textile surface and special logo.