Exclusive ProTecS brake pad from Textar

The Knorr SN7 brake is one of the most successful commercial vehicle disc brake systems.

As a market-leading brake pad manufacturer, TMD Friction is one of Knorr-Bremse’s devel-opment partners and has therefore been involved in the design process from the start.

The Knorr SN7 caliper for Scania vehicles was modified to the SN7 HP caliper at the start of 2016. Under the aftermarket brand Textar, TMD Friction, an approved OE supplier for Scania applications, is now also following this change-over 100 percent with an exclusively available pad.

The modifications are subtle but vital. Above all, the pad contour of the Textar brake pads has been adapted for the updated SN7 HP caliper. These pads are clearly identifiable by the recesses on the bottom left and right and are available under WVA no. 29331. The previous Textar brake pads (WVA No. 29278) no longer fit the new caliper but the design is backwards compatible allowing the new brake lining to be used in older versions of the caliper.

Just like its predecessor, the new brake pad from Textar is supplied exclusively with Pro-TecS® retaining springs and therefore corresponds to the standard of original equipment.
Direct connectivity between the brake pad and spring ensures reliable spring force adjustment, and therefore optimum brake pad guidance. The spring design extends the life of the pad especially in rough driving conditions. Besides this, the welded retaining clip acts like a sliding shoe providing good protection against spring and stirrup abrasion due to dirt. The pad also slides back out of contact with the disc more easily reducing idle wear.

“Our ambition is to provide incredible service for our clients in the spare parts market. This also includes directly responding to technical changes offering the fitting Textar product as quickly as possible which is something we did successfully withthe new brake pad for the SN7 HP caliper. Textar is the sole supplier of this special brake pad and our aftermarket clients can directly benefit from our position as a leading OE brake pad manufacturer,” explained Jan Zimmermann, Category Manager CV, with some pride. The new ProtecS brake pad is now exclusively available from Textar.